“Living fully passionate for music every single day.”


Nattyva was born in the heat of Africa. As a pop singer & writer, she brought back her warmth to Canada and to the town of Toronto, ON, where she currently lives. Early in July 2012, she had recorded her first track titled “DanceFloor” at Cherry Beach Sound studio in Toronto. This song had generated many hits on Youtube, cut the radio promoters attentions and received an invitation for a live radio interview with Atlanta Indie Radio station, and many press releases. The hit single has been aired in multiple USA based radio stations and received many feedbacks and remix offers to several DJ’s in Europe. In 2013, she pursued her passion for singing and collaborated with different well – known and reputed music producers across Canada and the USA, all together as a productive team, have produced several hit singles to stir the youth pop culture.

As a multicultural artist, Nattyva was given the opportunity to explore her diversity in music by performing live at several Caribbean concerts and events. Nattyva’s song “Let Me Hear You Say” not only captured many ears in the USA, but also those in her community. She received an invitation to the Rwandan yearly ceremony to perform the single live. In this catchy track, she talks about where she’s from, seen and been through in her home country, Rwanda, where she’s at right now and where she sees herself reaching.

Even though Nattyva has experience in modeling and had been a contestant at Miss UNIVERSE beauty pageant of Canada, has attended George Brown College for Business Admin. with a major in HR Management and worked as a bilingual (French&English) Recruitment Consultant, her goal remains to establish herself as a pop singer by sending across a fun and positive message and be a role model to everyone out there who has a dream, as she believes we all have and deserve to have one.

Nattyva’s mojo: “If I know I have it in me, I must believe it and go for it”

Nattyva’s favorite quote: “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent”

Therefore , We invite you to listen to her unique voice as an upcoming singer, her upcoming album coming out sooner than next year, which will highlight some hit songs such as “Hit It”, “Like A Woman”, “Hold My Hand”, “Set Me Free”, and many more.